Welcome to Kingdom Missions Church (KMC), a church that promotes creativity in the way we worship the Trinity, God the Father, The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The church of Jesus Christ doesn’t have to be old fashioned, dull, boring, traditional and liturgical. KMC provides creative worship with Creative music without abandoning Biblical principles in doing so.

KMC is also a church which promotes three  core Biblical church  activities: marturia, diaconia and koinonia or in English promoting to witness the saving work of Jesus Christ by sharing the True and the Full Gospel, promoting practical caring by helping the poor and the needy, and promoting healthy fellowship among its members.

Please join us and experience the difference.

Our Vision in West Borneo

To be the prevailing centralised coordinating party for all food, monetary donations and to play a key role in supporting our co-worker in West Borneo. They are pivotal to the basic education for the next generation of Dayaknese. The young generation of this tribe to have a better life and more importantly know our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have food I need food.


Some quick facts about us:
1. We are part of The Church of God of Prophecy, under Bishop Dennis Huang for Singapore, Eastern Asia. 2016-2018 International Assembly Appointments  (http://cogop.org/blog/2016-2018-international-assembly-appointments/)

2. We are part of the Registrar of Charities and the Registrar of Societies

3.  We are vibrant, body of believers, united in worship, working hand-in-hand to share God’s love , disciple-making, with church planting movement. Especially in West Borneo, working among Dayaknese.


Do I ever contemplate leaving the pastorate? Admittedly, there are times when even the prospect of digging ditches for a living has a certain appeal. But I know God has called me to be a pastor.

Who am I without my roles, my work, making people happy?

If I stay quiet, how will you know me. forward

Get to know me, get to know my ministry. Call me, WhatsApp me @ +65 96775427

I have no Coffee to offer you